What are some examples of satanic symbols

Looking for "typical" symbols

(Druid's foot)
The five-pointed star is probably the best-known symbol of magic. It represents the four elements fire, water, air and earth, surmounted by the spirit. In this form (point upwards) it is said to have the power to keep away evil and to summon good spirits. However, it is also used undifferentiated in the Satan scene.

Inverted pentagram
The inverted five-pointed star is the most famous symbol of satanic worship. The two goat's head horns at its tip are supposed to represent Satan as God.

Inverted cross
The upside-down cross is often referred to as the "Southern Cross". It symbolizes the mockery and rejection of the Christian cross. It is used in graffiti, on some album covers and for jewelry (necklaces, ear pendants).


It represents the number of the Great Beast or Antichrist. In the last book of the Bible (Rev 13:18) it says: “Whoever has understanding, interpret the number of the beast; for it is a man's number, and his number is 666 "
It is probably an allusion to the Roman emperor Nero. Is considered a synonym of Satan in Satanism.

Handle cross (ankh)
Ancient Egyptian symbol of life. It is often associated with fertility (it connects the straight line of the phallus to the female opening of the vagina). It is said to have magical sexual effects.
However, it is also used in Christian circles as a "Coptic cross".

Saturn sign

(upside down = Satan's fork, devil's hook)
Astrological symbol. In the scene, "Master Saturn" is also interpreted as the ruler of all knowledge that is hostile to life, i.e. black magic. The arch on the cross is seen as a sickle that cuts off the cross, a symbol of hostility towards Christianity. However, it is also used in astrology.

Church of Satan
Symbol of the "Church of Satan" in San Francisco. It can be found in the "Satanic Bible" on the "Nine Satanic Theses".

Cross of confusion
This symbol was first used by the Romans to question the truth of Christianity.

Horned hand
This hand position should (as a distinguishing feature in the scene) represent the devil's head (with its horns).

Nero cross
It is used by some heavy metal fans and occultists to represent a broken cross - the defeat of Christianity.
Better known, however, as a symbol of the peace movement.

Swastika (Swastika)
Ancient Indian fertility symbol, also known as the "sun wheel". Originally it represented harmony in nature. After the wings were aligned counterclockwise, it now stands for the conflict of forces and the disharmony.
Better known, however, as a symbol in right-wing radicalism.