Mexico is a poor country

Country & people

Mexico country and people - invigorating, inspiring, unforgettable.

Mexico - a country full of historical wealth

Mexico is an incredibly rich country - not necessarily rich in economic terms, but rich in historically important events, archaeological and pre-Columbian treasures, rich in an open-minded and hospitable population with a wide variety of traditions and customs, whose passion and zest for life can be felt at the countless Mexican fiestas , but also rich in landscapes, climatic and vegetation zones that vary greatly from region to region. The world-famous Mexican music is an additional, daily companion on the streets or in Mexico's restaurants.

Mexico looks back on thousands of years of history. Above all, the impressive evidence of the high cultures of the Maya and Aztecs fascinate countless visitors to the country every year.

Culinary adventures from Mexican cuisine

An absolute must for any trip to Mexico is of course the Mexican cuisine! The culinary delights of Mexico are offered and loved all over the world.

Tacos, burritos, mole, corn & guacamole!

In the home country itself, the Mexican cuisine tastes different and often even better in combination with a real Mexican tequila.

Gather first impressions of this beautiful piece of earth with its friendly inhabitants and their interesting traditions. Learn more about the country and people in Mexico.