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Who does not know her? These banners with annoying checkboxes are there to obtain GDPR-compliant consent to the cookie. But the whole thing should also be tested. We created the German test to give you a free overview of which cookies are set on your website. In version 2 of the checker the source code, the HTTP redirects and some nerd debug output can also be displayed. The script is constantly being expanded and made available free of charge by SEO NW.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are generated when you visit a website. The surfing behavior can be traced, for example. Who doesn’t know that when someone is looking for something on the Internet, the usage profile displays suitable advertising. Also on other websites. You will be recognized by these trackers, but not all cookies are "bad". Some serve to function as a homepage. These text files are mostly categorized into absolutely necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies and marketing cookies. As a rule, these are generated when a page is called up. A regular deletion of advertising cookies is also recommended by Cookie.rocks, because the lifespan of these is usually very excessive. A transparent user profile can thus be created and, in the worst case, the browser history can be traced. The storage takes place on your own device and browsers such as Firefox and Chrome do not delete many after the session, i.e. after exiting the program. However, there are also useful cookies and some that are no longer needed after the session and are deleted. For privacy, it is better if consent is obtained and the choice of absolutely necessary, performance, statistics and marketing cookies must first be obtained from the website provider. Revocation should also always be possible.

You can use this tool to test your website for cookies. A distinction is made according to Session cookies, Long-term cookies and of courseLocalStorage.

Please enter a url. Click Submit the The cookie test check takes a moment!

The test is hosted by SEO-NW!

How does the cookie test work?

Our Cookiebot Tool visits the website or subpage and looks for a legally compliant GDPR (DSGVO) cookie notice. If visitor cookies do not comply with the regulations such as third-party cookies or are not necessary, our script lists all problematic cookies. For example, Google Analytics and Matomo are listed there, provided they do not comply with the law. Explicit consent from trackers that use cookies must of course be given, otherwise it does not comply with EU data protection law!

Session or long-term cookies are listed in the test in a table. Third-party cookies are generally not allowed at all, which is also listed in the test. This Cookie test simulates a real browser, so it may take some time before the results are available.

According to the GDPR, the Block website cookies in advance and express consent without pre-selection. This is also true especially for advertising cookies! The only exception are so-called session cookies, if these are absolutely necessary for the operation of a homepage.

The tool can be yours Joomla and Wordpress Check CMS for cookies for free. The cookie test (checker and scanner) in German. But it also works with any other website unless the bot is blocked. You can view the results directly, registration with the scanner is not necessary. Tip: A legally compliant consent of the Cookie Consent Scripts can be done inexpensively by us. We offer solutions, just contact us below.

Please also note the data protection guidelines, the script also works for reasons without consent!

Frequently asked questions about cookies

How can I delete cookies?

For Chrome, go to Settings and then under Privacy and Security. Then under "All cookies and website data" either delete individual cookies or stop all. It is similar with Firefox, there you go to the settings, data protection and there under the menu item cookies and website data simply execute the desired options. The cookies will then be removed or deleted.

How can I deactivate cookies?

This is also generally possible with Firefox and Chrome not to save or accept cookies at all. However, this is not recommended as websites often rely on cookies in the browser. This could prevent logins from working. We still describe how to do it. In Chrome you go back to the privacy and security settings. Then click No under "All cookies and website data" - Allow websites to store and read cookie data (recommended). It is again similar with Firefox. You go back to settings, data protection and there on "user-defined". Now you can make all the settings, including the total blockage of cookies.