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After yesterday I dealt with the extremely exciting complex of accounting at LinkedIn, today again on a different topic: The search engines. Here an article was the trigger for me. As one of the few German So.Clialists, I was extremely curious.

As Jan Fiersching already described on Futurebiz, you can also try it out yourself. A link to this is not yet online, but you can get there by entering directly. You don't have to be logged in to bing, but bing requires authentication against Facebook. After that it looks like this:

You can search your contacts in the search field, look at pictures and interact directly (like or leave comments). If you look at the photos directly, you can see a similarity to Google+:

At the moment, the search field above only has the rudimentary function of selecting your contacts. A direct search, as Kai Thrun has already determined, is not yet possible at the moment.

The privacy settings should be preserved.

Google is everywhere, so Microsoft looks like a small offshoot. If you look at the corporations and the numbers for 2011, you know what kind of capacities Microsoft has. In addition, Microsoft has three times the capacity of employees. As with the launch of So.Cl, everything is geared towards getting a better foothold in the search engine market in the long term. Perhaps it is also a quid-pro-quo, as Google is increasingly intervening with Android in Microsoft's core competence, the market for OS.

Facebook still leaves Google outside. It's actually a shame, because Facebook wants to specify everything, the social media giant lacks a functioning and, above all, transparent search. And so Microsoft claims a black box of the Internet that is annoying for Google, the world of Facebook. The traffic that comes from bing is far from matching that of Google, but the example of my blog (even if this is empirically irrelevant) you can see a slow but steady increase in bing. One reason might be the influence of So.Cl, that probably has a similar effect on bing as Google+ does on Google. Especially for hobby bloggers a presence there is not wrong (SEO for the poor, so to speak). With the recent connection of Facebook, albeit rudimentary, there could be a revival in the Google-dominated search engine market. In addition, bing has also entered into a cooperation with Quora, which is rather unknown in this country. This can only be of use to the end user, a monopoly position of a company, no matter in which market, is never useful.

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