What is the evidence from Allah

1. The indications that Islam is the obvious truth and the reasons why there are nevertheless people who do not recognize this fact

In order to know the truth of Islam it is sufficient to realize that 1. Allah exists and 2. that Muhammad was sent by Allah.

Said Hawwa (may Allah have mercy on him) wrote a three-part series called "Purposeful Investigations on: 1. Allah, 2. The Messenger, 3. Islam". In the first volume, "Allah", he presents evidence for the existence of Allah on the basis of scientific results. In the second volume, "The Messenger", he provides evidence that Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is actually the Messenger of Allah is. In doing so, he looks at, among other things, the character of Muhammad and his sincerity, which has been confirmed by both his friends and enemies. He also mentions the miracles of Muhammad. It is also shown that the traditions of both Christians and Jews heralded the coming of Muhammad. It is shown that the Jews in Arabia were waiting for his coming, then also recognized him, but refused to follow him because he did not come from their people. This scientific study of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) comprises about 500 pages, whereby the following is noted at the beginning of the book: "We will see in this study - by evidence and evidence - that Muhammad is indeed the Messenger of Allaah and that Muhammad is the greatest man in all respects ... "

In the foreword to this three-part series, Said Hawwa says: "The reader of this series notes that in the first two parts," Allah "and" The Messenger ", I often spend a long time with clarifying statements, explanations and arguments, whereby I do so with patience and calmness appeals to the human mind. In doing so, I deal with every possible doubt and objection, but the third part, "Islam", is more an idea than an explanation. The reason for this is as follows: once the person knows the existence of Allah is convinced, and that Muhammad is his messenger, then he has no choice but to submit to his religion and his law. So the point here is not that every single part of Islam must be justified - although this justification without There is doubt - the third part is about getting to know Islam, because the logical M. Human understanding says: Man has no choice but to submit to Allah's Law, for He is the Lord and His creatures are His servants, and the one of the two is the one who knows better "taught man what he did not know" [96: 5]...."

In [SaidHawwa1], [SaidHawwa2], and [Azzindani] characters are detailed in many different fields. There are signs in the universe, in the Qur'an, and in the form of miracles. These signs and traces point to several facts: 1. that Allah exists 2. that Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah and 3. to some attributes of Allah (e.g. omnipotence, omniscience, perfection, etc.)

1.1. The way to know that God exists

In the Qur'an, Allah says: "And I only created people and djinns so that they would serve Men."[51:56]

That man is God's creature and that he should worship his creator is therefore the meaning and purpose of man's existence. Without this acknowledgment of God as Creator and Lord, life is therefore meaningless. The question now arises as to how man can recognize his Creator. So first we have to find a way to know God. This path is a central question, because if we do not find the right path, we will not get to the hoped-for goal.

How those who deny the existence of God envision the way in which one might know the existence of God

In order to find the right way and to show clearly that a wrong way does not lead to the goal, let us first consider how those who do not acknowledge the existence of God imagine the way to the knowledge of the existence of God.

Nowadays one often finds two groups of non-Muslims who do not recognize the existence of God:

  • The atheists or materialists who clearly deny the existence of Allah with the argument that they cannot grasp Him with their sense organs and
  • the agnostics who say that one cannot know whether God exists or not and who then no longer give much thought in this direction.

Of course, if both groups were asked if they believe that radio waves or magnetic fields exist, they would both say "yes" and would make fun of and reject someone who denies the existence of radio waves and magnetism as uneducated. However, you can neither see nor hear electromagnetic waves nor a magnetic field - you can only recognize the two phenomena by their effects on certain bodies, such as iron.

The limitation of the human senses and also of the human mind

In the above example we have seen that on the one hand man cannot perceive everything that exists with his senses and, on the other hand, that one cannot say for a long time that something does not exist just because one cannot see it or grasp it with his senses . Likewise, one sometimes comes to wrong conclusions when one perceives something with one's sense organs without using one's intellect: If one looks at a stick that is immersed vertically in the water, one has the impression that it has broken at the point where the surface of the water is is. In reality the eye is fooled here, and the mind says that this is a physico-optical effect and that in reality the rod is not broken.

There is a nice joke that is said to have occurred in a sixth grade: The teacher asked the students: "Do you see me?", To which they replied, "Yes," to which he said, "So I exist." He continued: "Do you see the blackboard?", Whereupon they said: "Yes", whereupon he said: "So the blackboard exists". He went on: "Do you see the table?" To which they replied: "Yes", to which he said: "So the table exists". Then he asked: "Do you see God?", To which they replied: "No", to which he said: "So God does not exist!" An intelligent student stood up and said, "Do you see the mind of the teacher?", Whereupon they said: "No", whereupon he said: "So the mind of the teacher does not exist!"

So much for the human senses. Now to the human mind: The human mind can only grasp things that are finite in space and time. When dealing with infinity, the mind no longer works properly and becomes entangled in contradictions.

Now that we have seen that, first, the human senses cannot grasp everything that exists, and, second, the human mind can only grasp things that are limited in both the spatial and temporal dimensions, it is now easy to see where the error is lies with the atheists who deny God because they cannot see him or grasp him with their senses: Allah, the Lord of the worlds and the creator of all things, who created matter, space and time, is himself not subject to the laws of space and Time. For Himself there is neither space nor time. So if you can't even grasp the Creator of space and time with your mind, how can you expect to be able to see Him ?!

Likewise, the attitude of the agnostics who do not concern themselves further with God is absurd because they say that one cannot find out such a thing as the truth of God's existence and the truth of religion anyway. The agnostics only accept their intellect as a means of knowledge. As we have seen, the mind no longer functions in areas that are beyond spatially and temporally finite matter.

As a final remark, we can therefore state that both the atheists and the agnostics have taken a path which in principle cannot lead to the goal! The deep inner motivation for such an attitude, which expects that man must be able to grasp all truths with his senses, is probably a kind of arrogance.

"And those who do not hope to meet Us say: 'Why are the angels not sent down on Us, or we see our Lord?' They already felt themselves to be great about themselves and they are presumptuous in a great way. "[25:21]

 The way to the knowledge of Allah: through His signs

We have seen that we cannot perceive Allah directly with our senses. The question now arises as to how we can then perceive the existence of Allah. The answer is: through the traces that the Almighty leaves in His creation. Instead of traces, we could also say signs.

"And how many signs are in the heavens and on the earth, by which they pass without heeding them!" [12: 105]

"And then see them Kafirun not that the heavens and earth were both connected, then We have separated them. And We made all living things out of the water. Don't they want to Mu’minun be?! "[21:30]

It should be explained briefly why verses of the Qur'an are cited in a treatise that is supposed to prove the existence of Allah in the first place; why are verses listed here that the Muslim knows to have been revealed by Allah, although some reading the text may not yet be convinced of the existence of Allah - let alone that the Qur'an is God's word? The answer is: The Quran is a book that guides people on the right path. It is not only a book that contains commandments and prohibitions, but also shows people how to know the truth of Islam. It leads people out of darkness into light. It is the reasoning of Allah.

 "And it is one of His signs that He created you out of the earth, then you became men who multiply." [30:20]

 "And one of His signs is that He created you of your own wives so that you could rest with them. And He made love and mercy between you. Verily in this are signs for people who ponder." [30:21 ]

Many people believe that the creation of the sun, the earth and then the lower amino acids, then the plants, the animals and finally the human being, who has the capacity for feelings like love and mercy, is a chain of coincidences. They believe that atoms were created that formed various compounds with one another, until finally man was created. But where did the very first atom come from? And another question arises: Why should something highly complex and perfect come about by chance in nature, while in technology a thinking, planning person cannot in any way produce something similar. Nowadays, a great many scientists, with their great intelligence, are involved in developing systems that work autonomously. One case is, for example, the development of industrial robots that are supposed to detect workpieces with the help of sensors and then transport these workpieces with the help of a preprogrammed control algorithm. Compared to what a small fly can do, the results are absolutely ridiculous: you only have to change the lighting conditions once on a robot with a video camera and it no longer recognizes the workpiece that it is supposed to pick up. This is despite the fact that many scientists sat on it for years before the industry came to such a conclusion.

 "And don't they travel around the earth and see what the ultimate end of those before them was? They were stronger than them in strength, and they plowed the earth more and tilled it more than they tilled it, and it their messengers came to them with clear evidence, and it was not Allah who wanted to wrong them, but they wronged themselves. Evil was the end of those who committed evil because they rejected the signs of Allah and mocked them. "[30: 9-10]

Here those who resist Islam are asked to broaden their horizons by looking at the history and the emergence and decay of high cultures. They should observe them to see that what results from people's behavior is always the same everywhere. Allah has established the law of gravity so that an object that is held in your hand and then released will fall to the earth.

This is a law that is valid in every place on earth and in the past as well as in the present. Likewise, it is a law of Allah that a culture that is morally depraved will sooner or later face its downfall. To understand this, we just need to take a closer look at the story and then think about it.

 "He created the heavens without pillars that you can see. And he gave mountains firmly anchored in the earth so that it would not waver with you, and He spread there of all beasts. And We sent down water from heaven, and We have grow there of every noble species. This is the creation of Allah, so show me what others have created besides Him. "[31: 10-11]

Who established the law of gravity and made it apply everywhere in the universe? Who makes an electrically positive body and an electrically negative body attract each other? And: Who brought the universe, in which these laws apply, out of nothing? Science indicates in several areas that the universe had a beginning. Only one of these areas should be listed here - a law from thermodynamics: if there is a warm and a cold body, the temperature difference between the two levels out over time. Without external influence this process cannot be reversed, i.e. without external influence the temperature difference between two bodies cannot increase. If the universe were infinite, i.e. without a beginning, then there would be no temperature differences in the universe!

1.2. The way to the realization that Muhammad really must have been a Messenger of God, the All-Knowing and Almighty

As mentioned above, [SaidHawwa2] is extensive evidence that Muhammad was a messenger of God. With [Rassoul1998], a somewhat smaller treatise is available in German, which deals with some of the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings of Allah be upon him).

Among the signs of Allah that show that Muhammad was really a Messenger of God, there is the category of "scientific miracles" in the Qur'an and Sunnah. This means that in the Qur'an and in sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) highly complex scientific issues are precisely described, which could not possibly be known at the time when Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was impossible to be known. In [Azzindani], Sheikh Abdulmajid Azzindani talks to well-known scientists from various fields. A comparison is made between what was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about 1400 years ago and what the modern natural sciences have recently discovered with great scientific and technical effort. It is shown that the statements of the Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) coincide with the scientific knowledge. The scientists confirm that Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) could not have come to this knowledge scientifically. One of them, the anatomist Prof. Tagata Tagasone, draws the conclusions and becomes a Muslim.

1.3. The reasons why many people do not understand the truth of Islam even though they have been thoroughly informed about Islam

In the above paragraphs we have seen that there is a scientific way to come to know the truth of Islam through reflection, namely that 1. God exists and 2. that Muhammad was sent by God. Even so, it happens again and again that many non-Muslims do not become Muslim after being confronted with this clear evidence of the truth of Islam. In this section we want to investigate why this is so. The Qur'an itself gives us some reasons why some people do not draw the appropriate conclusions from clear signs and wonders:

 "..and do they not have hearts to understand or ears to hear? For it is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts in the chest are blind." [22:46]

"Truly with them Kafirun it doesn't matter whether you warn them or not, they won't Mu’minun become. Allah has sealed their hearts and their hearing; and there is a veil over her eyes. And they will be met with a great punishment. "[2: 5-7]

"... In their hearts there is disease ..." [2:10]


In order to better understand the relationship between what one receives with one's senses and the conclusions one draws from it, what is more precisely what the term "heart" (Arabic qalb) means in the Quranic sense is considered below. This term is used in the verses listed above.

The heart in the Quranic context

Said Hawwa says in [SaidHawwa3]:

"At the beginning of Surah Al-Baqara (Sura 2) is about the Kafirun said: "Allah has sealed their hearts ". It is said of the hypocrites: "... In their hearts there is disease ...". In the Qur'an and in the sayings of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) the word "heart" appears very often. However, this word is often misunderstood. In summary, we want to state here: There is a materially tangible heart, which both humans and many other creatures have. This means the heart, which serves as a pump for the blood circulation. However, this materially tangible heart is also the place of another heart, namely of feelings such as love, hate, malice, generosity, fear and inner peace. These feelings themselves are also tangible for every human being, since every human being feels a part of these feelings in himself. This second heart is the place with which one can Iman tastes good and it is also the place where the Kufr or the hypocrisy takes place. There are now many feelings that some people feel very well, while other people do not feel these feelings. The Mu’minun For example, many feel values ​​that the Kafirun not felt, because in the latter the corresponding part of this second heart is dead. However, this second heart is not identical to the first heart. This can be seen in the fact that people who have had a heart transplant - who have received another of the first kind - have not also changed their feelings of value .... This second heart can become sick, healthy, blind and deaf become. Hence we see how in this opening section of Sura 2 from the Kafirun it is said: "Allah has sealed their hearts " and it is said of the hypocrites: "... In their hearts there is disease ...". Allah describes the hypocrites a little further "Deaf, dumb, blind ..." [2:18].


Mujahid said: "The sins have settled in the heart and began to cover the heart on all sides until the partial coverings finally meet. This meeting of the partial coverings is called the" sealing "."


In a healthy one Hadithreported by the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): "The seductions penetrate the heart one after the other like the fibers of a straw carpet that is made layer by layer. Every heart that gives in to one of these seductions gets a black spot. On the other hand, the heart that rejects it gets a white spot Finally, a heart becomes one of the following two: Either a white heart, which can no longer be damaged by seduction as long as the earth and the heavens exist, or a very black heart, which no longer commands the good and no longer denies the bad . "


Ibn Jarir said: "The Messenger of Allah reported that when sins come upon the hearts in great succession, the hearts are closed. And once the sins have closed the heart, the seal comes from Allah so that it is for they no way to Iman and no salvation from that Kufr gives. In the verse "Allah has sealed their hearts and their hearing ... "[2: 6] is this seal meant ... And so it comes too Iman not into a heart which Allah designates as "sealed by Him" ​​before the sealing is not lifted. "

If you know this, and the steep "... and when they deviated, Allah made their hearts deviate ..." [61: 5] and understand similar verses of the Qur'an, then one realizes that Allah has sealed their hearts and does not guide them as appropriate punishment for deliberately pursuing the lie and leaving aside the law and the truth.


So much for what Said Hawwa says on the subject.

Conversely, it is of course also true that a person becomes more and more able to see the truth through purification of his character:


"Allah is the protective friend of Mu’minun. He brings them out of deep darkness to light ... "[2: 257].

This righteous Muslim's path from doubt to rock solid Iman is impressively described in Abu Hamid al-Ghazali's autobiographical work [Ghazali].

 Some verses of the Quran in this context and their explanations

In the Quran it says:

  • "No, but what they used to do has put filth on their hearts." [83:14]
  • See the commentary on this verse in [Bavaria].
  • “But I want to turn away from My signs those who arrogantly behave in the land against all justice; and even if they see all signs, they do not want Mu’minun become; and when they see the way of righteousness, they will not accept it as a way; but if they see the path of error, they accept it as the path. This (is so) because they declared Our signs to be lies and disregarded them. "[7: 146]
  • Ibn Kathir says in [Ibn Kathir] about this verse: " "But I want to turn away from My signs those who arrogantly act against all justice in the land" means: "The hearts of those who are too proud to serve Me and who arrogant against all law (arab. kibr) towards other people, I do not allow the arguments and signs to be understood that point to my omnipotence and the truth of Islam and my laws. "That is, just as they are haughty against all law, so does Allah humiliate them by He makes ignorant: "And we will confuse their hearts and their eyes, because they won't the first time either Mu’minun were. "[6: 110]. In another part of the Qur'an it says: "... and when they deviated, Allah made their hearts deviate ..." [61: 5]... the next steep "... and even if they see all the signs, they don't want to Mu’minun become..." is like "Verily, those against whom the word of your Lord has come against will not Mu’minun even if some sign were to come to them, until they see the painful punishment. [10: 96-97]..."
  • "O you Mu’minun"Listen to Allah and the Messenger when he calls you to something that will give you life, and know that Allah comes between men and his heart and that you will be gathered before Him" ​​[8:24].
To the steep "... and know that Allah intervenes between people and his heart ..." says Ibn Kathir in [Ibn Kathir]: "... Ahmad reported that Umm Salama reported:" The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) often said the following supplication: "O Allah, whose hearts you turn, fix my heart so that it is with yours Din remains". Then I asked:" O Messenger of Allah, can hearts be turned? "To which he said: "Yes! The heart of every human being, whom Allah has created, Allah holds between two of His fingers. If He wants, He leads the heart on the right path and if He wants, He lets it deviate. Therefore we ask Allah, our Lord that He should not let our hearts be turned away from Him after He has guided us. And we ask Him that He may give us mercy from Him, for He is indeed the one who gives constantly. " "...."


But why can people who Kufr have committed later Mu’minun become? 

Said Hawwa says in [SaidHawwa3]: "One can observe that many people who at first Kufr commit, later to enter Islam ... In the explanation of verses [2: 6-7], which of the Kafirun speak, however, it has been said that with these people it doesn't matter whether you warn them or not because they don't anyway Mu’minun will be. How can these two statements be reconciled? One or more Quran commentators say in this regard: "With "the Kafirun" are meant people whom Allah knows are not Mu’minun will be. And so it does not matter whether you warn them or not. "... We will see in this commentary on the Quran that these two verses [2: 6-7] are explained in more detail by other suras of the Quran Surah again we will see that the complete Kufr then exists when the fitra, i.e. the natural disposition of the human being has been completely obliterated in the heart. This, in turn, is of a nature and has both signs and effects. If the particular quality, the signs, and the consequences all appear at once, there is no remnant of that person fitra more available. With this person it is then so that a warning is no longer of any use. However, since only Allah knows whether a person is in this condition, it is our task to warn people ... However, for those of the non-Muslims who still have a remainder of the fitra there is still a hope that they will be guided by the permission of Allah: "Can someone who was dead and to whom We gave life and for whom We made a light to walk among men ..." [6: 122].

Man only comes to a level of through his own behavior Kufrthat there is no hope that he will yet Mu’min will ... Our interpretation of verses [2: 6-7] is not intended to contradict the interpretation of those who say that what is meant here are those whom Allah knows not Mu’minun will be. Our interpretation merely shows why some non-Muslims later become Muslims and others do not ... "

Source: Muslim Student Association Karlsruhe e.V.

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