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clash of clans

Game description:
"Clash of Clans" is an online strategy game for mobile devices in which you have to build your own village, train troops and compete against thousands of other players around the world. The strategic options are limited. Nevertheless, the game is motivated not least by the large number of potential and varied opponents.
Building your own village begins with the town hall. This is followed by other structures, which are divided into three categories: resources, army and defense. Resources are buildings that produce and store raw materials such as gold and elixir. The resources are the currency in the game, with which you buy new structures and finance the training of armed forces. Under the army barracks are available for the training of armed forces, as well as army camps in which the armed forces gather. Every fighter has its advantages and disadvantages. The archers, for example, can attack over walls, but have only a few hit points and are therefore defeated more quickly. Giants, on the other hand, can take more hits, but are more expensive to train and take the place of 5 archers in the army camp. There are also buildings where supporting spells are developed for combat and troops are made stronger and more resilient. Walls, turrets or cannons are considered to be defenses.
Every building can be expanded. As a result, they improve their respective functions and are then also more difficult to take.
As soon as there are enough forces in the army camps, you look for an enemy target. This can optionally be a village specified by the game in a kind of campaign. Or you can randomly choose a village from the thousands of other players. If you win, valuable resources and trophies are waiting for you. In the event of a defeat, trophies will be deducted. At the same time, your own village is being attacked by others. Again, if you defend yourself successfully, you can win trophies. But if you lose, you lose valuable resources.
"Clash of Clans" is free and available in several languages, including German. A permanent internet connection is required to be able to play the strategy game.

Pedagogical assessment:

By Anne Sauer on

"Clash of Clans" is a simple strategy game in an appealing comic look, although the strategy aspect is limited here: The space in the army camps is limited and must be allocated carefully. In combat itself, the control over the individual units is very limited. Much happens automatically. A little more freedom of action would be desirable here, such as the subsequent positioning of the armed forces that are already in combat.

The tasks in "Clash of Clans" are manageable. Strategy newbies will quickly find their way around here. Experienced strategy players, on the other hand, may feel under-challenged. You log in, arrange for a building to be improved and train troops. Then it is time to wait. Then you go into battle with the troops or start new actions. So "Clash of Clans" initially seems to be a game that can be played in between. However, appearances are deceptive. Because who is not in the game runs the risk of being attacked and may lose valuable resources. However, people who are directly in the game cannot be attacked. This results in a high time commitment to the game, which actually only provides tasks for in between. Anyone who gets bored trying not to leave the game invests jewels to bridge annoying waiting times - similar to social games. Jewels cost money. The amounts range from a few euros in pocket money (€ 4.49) to large amounts of € 89.99. As an in-app purchase, the corresponding amount is simply billed to the credit card of the relevant account on the device. The hurdles for this are comparatively low. It is not for nothing that "Clash of Clans" is currently number 1 among the top-selling apps in the App Store (as of 04/05/2013).

But what makes the game so interesting? What motivates you to keep playing? On the one hand, there is curiosity about new buildings and armed forces, which change their appearance as the level increases. On the other hand, achievements motivate for special campaigns, which are rewarded with jewels. The direct comparison among the players and among the individual clans in high score lists is also motivating. Another important point is the variety in the game. In "Clash of Clans" there are thousands of gamers and thus countless potential opponents, each with different villages. Every fight is different.

Violence as a means of resolving conflicts is an integral part of "Clash of Clans" that cannot be overlooked. Due to the comic, colorful representation and the imaginative setting with magical power and dragons, however, sufficient opportunities to distance yourself from reality are given. The possibility of spending a lot of money quickly within the game is to be viewed critically. Therefore "Clash of Clans" is only suitable from the age of 10 years.